Frequently Asked Questions

Does an immigrant victim have to suffer physical abuse to qualify for immigration status?

If an immigrant victim does not qualify for any type of immigration relief, can she still qualify for some type of public health benefit?

Which type of immigrant victim qualifies for public health benefits?

How does an immigrant victim become a qualified alien – or an alien qualified to receive public health benefits?

What type of health benefits do immigrant victims of abuse qualify for?

How do immigrant victims qualify for such benefits?

Do all immigrant victims qualify for such benefits?

Can immigrant youth who are victims of child abuse/trafficking/intimate partner violence obtain public health benefits in San Diego County? Are there special protections for immigrant foster youth who become wards of the state of CA?

Can immigrant victims who are pregnant and in need of pre-natal care apply for public health benefits like Medi-Cal? Will applying for benefits affect an immigrant victim’s ability to legalize their status in the future?

If an immigrant victim needs help applying for legal assistance, who can she contact?